Omo Idegun

Omo Idegun

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BLM Wrexham


Black Lives Matter means that at the moment we are treated as if we don’t matter as Black people. Everybody can only matter when Black lives matter, not just black lives as this issue can be traced back to the time of our forefathers, where they think that for you be coloured means you are less human, have less respect, and your opinion does not matter. And coming out to tell them that we matter because we are all humans and we have every right for our opinions to matter.
Getting involved in the protest here will be forever memorable for me because I came with all my strength with the intention of letting people know that racism is high and everywhere especially when you’ve experienced racism, any opportunity to make your voice heard is done with all your strength.
The story of George Floyd in America triggered so many people and this is why we came out. But individually, everybody came out that day to fight for what they believe in, because it wasn’t just black people that were there on that day. We had white people, Asians, we had everyone coming together to speak that racism is not accepted. No matter what it is. It might be your brother, it might be your child, it might be your partner. We don’t want racism in Wales. I want racism in all its forms kicked out of Wales. As a mom with a child with special needs who is not verbal, it was heart wrenching to watch George Floyd call for his mother because I couldn’t bear to picture my child in that situation unable to call for me because he’s non-verbal as he is a repeat victim of racism and abuse because of his skin colour.

I experienced racism personally with my neighbour when I moved into my new property. The area is dominated by white families and I moved in as a black lady which raised the questions around who I was, what gave me the right to live there, and because of this, my next-door neighbour decided to be abusive and very unaccommodating. The treatment got so bad and I had to involve the police and went as far as getting a CCTV camera installed in my property as I am a single mom with two young children.

My advice is fight for your right. You have the right to live a free life. You have the right to be free. Don’t ever allow anyone to push you down, to step on you. Don’t ever give anybody the opportunity to stand on your right. Fight for your right. No matter who you are, no matter where you’re from, you have the right to be free.
No justice, no peace.

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