Musonda Mabula

Musonda Mabula

Protest location

BLM Port Talbot


Being in the 21st century, it’s sad to see such atrocities. But it was a good point for us as humans to learn from and make us stronger, hence why we had to do the Black Lives Matter to emphasise the importance of sensitization. Technology helped us see exactly what was happening in real time and though it’s devastating, it surged this movement with us all coming together as a small community in Port Talbot to protest.

It’s only narrow-minded individuals that would limit this protest and the cause we are fighting for to a specific location. We are to support ourselves because what happened to George could happen to anybody hence the need for us to come together to share ideas on how we can move forward in our personal journeys
An Antiracism Wales is very ambitious because racism eats deep into the fabric of the society and society shapes us. However, it is commendable that there are conversations and actions taken by my generation which hopefully the next generation will finish it off even though it will take time.

I have been lucky to be welcomed very well in Wales, but within my circle there are people who’ve experienced racial attacks and abuse.

We leveraged on social media for publicity and getting the words out and it drew a lot of crowds from all over. We had a few people, close to 100 involved including the Port Talbot councillor. I feel very honoured to be part of the strong movement.

I come from a background where activism has been embedded in me because of our culture of togetherness that we call Wuntu. I was taught to never keep quiet in the face of injustice and that extended to my involvement in the Black Lives Matter protest. My involvement wasn’t just because of what happened to George Floyd but in extension minority ethnic groups.

To future generations, live your life the way you feel. Don’t let anybody dictate anything to you. Always remember, everybody’s born an individual and you go back to where you come from as an individual. We come here to learn and to make Earth a better place. My motto is, If I’m leaving Earth better than I found it, That’s good. Do something that you would be remembered for. Leave a legacy for the next person. If someone asks me who I am, I say I am you looking at me through your eyes. We are one even though we’ve been made to think we are separate, but that’s an illusion of the old system. The new system is, we are one.
Just live your best life and stand up for yourself and people around you.
No justice, no peace.

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